The changes in the third stage of The Overwatch League

Now, not three teams but four will advance to the playoff stage, in such a way more number of teams will be able to fight for the money prize and the glory. These four teams will be distributed in a tournament bracket, this means that one more match will appear in the schedule of the final.

And the most interesting thing is that the team, that is seeded under the first number at the end of each stage, will not automatically advance to the title match, however, it will have a chance to choose an opponent for the first game. it will be able to choose from the lower positions in the bracket and the first match of the Sunday final will be hosted against this opponent. The choice will be announced after all four teams are determined and the team that is seeded under the first number is known. But this may not happen until the last day of the stage!

 Tie-breaks will remain unchanged for the final: 

  1. The results of the battlefields in the stage
  2. The compared result by the personal matches in the stage
  3. If two teams match in the general result and the result by the battlefields and didn’t play against each other during the stage, the seeding will be made, according to the results of one additional match, which format and time will be determined later.

 The final rewards will remain the same: $100,000 for the first place and $25,000 for the second one.