Tempo Storm updated the main roster

The information appeared that Tempo Storm organization swelled the ranks with 2 new members, Adam «Beasthalo» Denton and Robert «Roflgator» Malecki will protect the honor of the esports club on professional arena. It should be mentioned that Adam «Beasthalo» Denton replaced Rollon «Mini» Hamelin on tank position, while Robert «Roflgator» Malecki will continue his coaching activity.

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Tempo Storm roster:

Adam «Beasthalo» Denton
Nicholas «Cosi» Beltran
Jonathan «DreamKazper» Sanchez
Joey «Jkw» Wavering
Tanner «TiG» Spanu
Eric «TwoEasy» van Hoorn
Robert «Roflgator» Malecki (coach)