Overwatch 2 is only half ready

GameSpot recently interviewed Blizzard Game Director Aaron Keller, in which he shared some interesting news for all Overwatch fans. The sequel to this esports discipline is now approximately in the middle of the development cycle.

In addition, Aaron shared other details about the upcoming game from Blizzard Entertainment. He drew particular attention to the fact that Overwatch 2 will focus on PvE, but this format will also be centered around the PvP component. The new mode, according to the ideas of the developers, should be as exciting for the players as possible. He also announced the likelihood of a Battle Pass appearing in the game. The developers are currently not sure if they want to add such a system to Overwatch.

The first information about Overwatch 2 from the developers appeared at the presentation of BlizzCon 2019. According to the developers, the sequel will have an independent story campaign and new PvP modes. In February 2021, Blizzard officially announced that the release of Overwatch would take place no earlier than 2022.