Overwatch kicks off its Summer Games 2020 event

Blizzard has launched the Summer Games 2020 themed seasonal event. It will last 3 weeks. As part of this event, players have the opportunity to try their hand at the new mode, as well as try to pass the tests and earn rewards.

Summer Games 2020 could not do without Lusiobol. This time, the football mode has become even faster, more dynamic and more interesting.

In addition, weekly challenges in Normal, Competitive and Arcade modes have appeared in the game, and for their completion, users can unlock unique attributes for their profile in the form of graffiti and a badge, as well as long-awaited unique seasonal skins of the Legendary and Epic category. Tracer, Bastion, Orisa, Batiste, Pharah, Brigitte, Doomfist and Echo can boast new cosmetic sets.