Сloud9 сhanged Overwatch roster

The North American organization announced signing of two Korean esportsmen.

Ruben «ryb» Ljungdahl and Lucas «Mendokusaii» Hakansson were replaced by Jaemo «Xepher» Koo and Jeonghwan «Selly» An. Mendokusaii and ryb were moved to substitutes. The reasons for such decision are unknown. Also, a team has received a coach. Lee Beon «Bishop» Joon.

Cloud9 is the first organization to sign the representatives of South Korea. The Overwatch roster of the team appeared in February last year. Since then, the team took first places on Alienware Monthly Melee, Route 66 Cup and Carbon Masters November tournaments. Except for that, one of the biggest achievements of Cloud9 team is passing to the semifinal of Major League Gaming Vegas 2016.

Cloud9 roster:

Lane «Surefour» Roberts
Adam «Adam» Eckel
Randal «Roolf» Stark
Daniel «Gods» Graeser
Jaemo «Xepher» Koo
Jeonghwan «Selly» An