Retnuh and Insomniaq leave HU Storm

The competitive scene in Overwatch is changing. This time they touched the student arena.

Retnuh and Insomniac are leaving the HU Storm roster. The players have successfully completed training within the walls of the club and are now ready for new achievements on the big stage.

Updated HU Storm roster

Americans Retnuh and Insomniaq stayed at the club for a long time. The former joined the 2018 roster and the latter joined HU Storm in January 2019.

The main achievement of the players in the HU Storm was the victory at the Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2019, Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2022, Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2021 - Preseason Split 1 and 3rd place at the Overwatch Collegiate Championship 2022 - Playoffs. A similar training was completed by the coach of the Xpecial LoL division.