Varian Master Guide

In my opinion, Varian is one of the best tanks in the game as he can absorb a lot of damage and cover his heroes from procasters. Certainly, this hero has weaknesses, Varian is killed fairly easy before the 10th level but as soon as he receives the ultimate skill, he becomes the master of survival (of course, if you pick Provocation).


This hero will suit your pick on any map and any setup, he can be as a solo tank, as the 2nd one, which is a very rare phenomenon.


How to play him?


You should try to avoid battles and not to tank a lot before the 10th level, Varian has a very little hp and any procaster will kill you fast, after the 4th level we will be able to evade a damage but a lack of hp will make itself felt. After the 10th level, we can easy tank everything and go out from battles as winners. As for me, this is the best hero to boost the rate. I have the 68% of win rate in the league at this hero, which is really not bad. The problem we can face is only that it can be banned or picked faster than you do.

Let’s move on to the talents:


The talents of the 1st level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 1

After the nerf of Overpower, we have only two talents at option, if you are sure that you will be able to complete High King’s Quest, take it but I make my choice in favor of Lion’s Maw as this quest is easy enough to stack.

The talents of the 4th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 2

You should always pick Shield Wall here, it will save you from any damage and will help to save your teammates (for example, when Li-Ming casts you will always be able to absorb the damage).

The talents of the 7th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 3

Live by the Sword has been already nerfed but it remains one of the most useable in this tier of talents in most of the situations, if there are few auto attackers, you can pick Second Wind.

The talents of the 10th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 4

If you play the rate, you will have always to pick Taunt in any situation, it will increase your hp and give the additional control, which is never odd. In the fast game, you can pick what you want.

The talents of the 13th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 5

Everything depends on the situation in this tier, if there are heroes with shields against you or heroes, who give a shield, we will pick Shattering Throw, with this talent we can quickly break through the shields of heroes. If there are no heroes with shields, we will pick Mortal Strike, which will help your team to kill a hero faster and an enemy healer to heal less.

The talents of the 16th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 6

Here everything will depend on the situation, if we have magicians, we will be able to reinforce their damage with a help of Banner of Dalaran, if we want our team to receive less damage, we will pick Banner of Stormwind, which will help our team to get out of the fight or to catch a hero.

The talents of the 20th level:

Varian Master Guide. Photo 7

Here we always pick Vigilance, it will help us to control opponents more often but in some cases, Demoralizing Shout can be picked too.


Let’s finish our Varian Guide at this moment. If you have some corrections or thoughts, write them in comments. See you in the Nexus!