Uther Master Guide

Let’s begin the analysis of the reworked Uther. Uther wasn’t practically picked in the ranked games in the previous patch due to his too small hp and weak target heal. He is a not bad heal-tank now due to the addition of the self-heal during the healing of an ally. It is very difficult for Uther to heal all allies but his strong target heal and bubble will help your team a lot. I don’t advise to pick him on such maps as Hanamura and Braxis because aoe skills are more useful there. Uther has not enough mana in the beginning and he has often to return to regenerate.


The talents of the 1st level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 1

After the small nerf of Wave of Light, hardly anybody picks it, it is better to pick Silver Touch, so you will always be able to heal your ally from a huge distance.

The talents of the 4th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 2

Holy Fire is always picked here because with its help you will be able to clean up the line and deal some damage to an enemy, which is never odd.

The talents of the 7th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 3

I always advise picking Hand of Protection here, with its help you can save your ally from a disable.

The talents of the 10th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 4

You should pick Divine Shield in all ranked games, it will save you or your ally from the inevitable death.

The talents of the 13th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 5

If there are magicians playing against you, we will pick Spell Shield, which will help us to outlast a strong procast, in another case, the talent Well Met will help us to focus the target.

The talents of the 16th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 6

We will pick Benediction in all cases, with its help we will be able to make two stuns in a row or to make a very powerful heal on the solo target.

The talents of the 20th level:

Uther Master Guide. Photo 7

We don’t have the great choice here too, the reinforcement of the ultimate is almost never picked. Redemption is a must have for us, with its help we can face the damage, die, then resurrect and heal our allies.

The Uther Guide comes to the end at this moment. The guide will be edited due to updates. See you in the Nexus!