Update for Heroes of the Storm in the nearest future

The new gaming event: Dragons of the Nexus

Log-in reward

Log in to Heroes of the Storm between November 15 and December 13 to receive the Stained Glass Alexstrasza and Hanzo Portrait.

Quest «Dragons of the Nexus»

Can be completed in Versus AI, Quick Match, Ranked and Unranked modes. Quest parts must be completed sequentially, and only one can be active at any given time. All Quests become available on November 15.

— Slightly increased the in-game field of view.

— The brief information about a hero will be changed (C button), it will be represented as a small table with attributes.

— Now, heroes, that are hidden in Cocoon, Devouring Maw or eaten by Stitches, will be marked with a special icon.

— Voice Chat will be divided into the team one and the group one. You will be able to change a volume level and mute players on the statistics panel.

— In future, players who like feeding will be banned automatically after receiving a complaint.

— The new matchmaking system will be based on how well you play one or another hero. The old system, that had been based on a series of victories/losses, didn’t work in the reality of such team game as HotS.

— Stealth reworked:

Stealthed Heroes are much easier to spot

— Keeps and Forts will reveal stealthed Heroes


— To offset these changes to Stealth, Samuro, Nova, Valeera, and Zeratul will be buffed:


Samuro: Improving Samuro's ability to fake out opponents; Image Transmission available at baseline on a 25s cooldown


Nova: Increasing mobility during Stealth and overall damage with Snipe Master added at baseline


Valeera: Openers will teleport Valeera a medium distance after being stealthed for 3 seconds; longer silence and blind duration


Zeratul: Adding a new Heroic that rewards high mechanical skill; increasing mobility with Vorpal Blade at baseline


— Now, towers and forts have an unlimited ammo, the single tower has been removed near the fort and now, forts have True Sight.

— A health and a damage of warriors will be increased.

— A friendly regen globe becomes neutral when the time is over. It exists four more seconds but every hero can pick it.

— Standardizing first objective timers to 1:30 or 3:00, depending on Battleground

— Warnings about the start of the quest will appear earlier to give more time for a movement and a preparation.

— The mercenary mechanic has changed: The Caster Mercenary in a Knight Camp will now generate an aura that offers increased Armor, Hellbats will debuff armor and heroes will be able to dodge Neutral Siege Giant attacks, being in a camp (and not being on a line as it is now)

— Developers are working on the enlargement of proportions of letters in 4K resolution.

— The invisible heroes will be seen better but when they stop they will be totally invisible. Developers have promised to tell more details about the changes in stealth today.

— Zeratul has a new ultimate that, according to rumors, is even more powerful than Void Prison and the actual second ultimate will be the 4th level talent.