The official announcement of rosters and the schedule of Nexus Games Europe

The official announcement of rosters and the schedule of Nexus Games Europe




Group A: France, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom


Group B: Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium


Group C: Poland, Spain, Netherlands, the Czech Republic


Group D: Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal




Belgium: BEIhadrabio, BELendfield, BEEnabler, BETalouf, BEHyza

The Czech Republic: CZRzmx, CZDethra, CZThrae, CZXargonus, CZKenny

Denmark: DKDreamy, DKYoungbaek, DKValnød, DKNymann, DKDizzyDwarf

Finland: FITiks, FIKiiskifish, FIMXD, FICleftor, FIThelduin

France: FRDanatan, FReWook67, FRW0NkA, FRMascarade, FRKirwa

Germany: DEMinks, DERibby, DEBorn, DENoonia, DEBrayn

Hungary: HUSNGkarci, HUDobos, HUFana, HUthehydra, HUNutey

Italy: ITRayquaza, ITFatalError, ITCesc, ITBuYa, ITMoldavius

Nethrlands: NLBGuy, NLAtmos, NLXavalosh, NLDarkomicrn, NLSix

Poland: PLRzu, FPLMaNa, PLzdoon, PLGugus, PLwolfz

Portugal: PTholotype, PTCaps, PTZebina, PTPsyche, PTGodStorm

Russia: RUunnstable, RUMrBanaBeer, RUCruglk, RUzwHydra, RUKunichan

Spain: ESVortiX, ESTharkum, ESLucifroN, ESMuugilol, ESBiju

Sweden: SEKnuutti, SEDyKarN, SEHenn1ng, SESkogh, SERask

Ukraine: UAValamaks, UACandle, UADiodark, UANoPainLFT, UAfran

The United Kingdom: UKLampi, UKkhan, UKBilly, UKKari, UKGotW


The format:


The tournament starts with a standard group Round Robin stage. Two best teams from each group will have a chance to go to the playoffs, bo5 series.


Maps of the tournament:


Blackheart's bay
Infernal Shrines
Braxis Holdout
Tomb of the Spider Queen
Cursed Hollow
Towers of Doom
Dragon Shire
Volskaya Foundry
Haunted Mines


The schedule (Time is listed as CET):


November 14:

18:00 Germany vs Belgium

19:30 Finland vs Italy

21:00 Denmark vs Hungary

22:30 France vs  the United Kingdom


November 15:


18:00 Poland vs the Czech Republic

19:30 Spain vs Netherlands

21:00 Sweden vs Portugal

22:30 Russia vs Ukraine


November 16:


18:00 France vs Italy

19:30 Denmark vs Belgium

21:00 Germany vs Hungary

22:30 Finland vs the United Kingdom


November 17:


18:00 Poland vs Netherlands

19:30 Spain vs the Czech Republic

21:00 Sweden vs Ukraine

22:30 Russia vs Portugal


November 18:


17:00 France vs Finland

18:30 Hungary vs Belgium

20:00 Germany vs Denmark

21:30 Italy vs the United Kingdom

23:00 Group A and B Tiebreakers


November 19:


17:00 Poland vs Spain

18:30 Netherlands vs the Czech Republic

20:00 Sweden vs Russia

21:30 Ukraine vs Portugal

23:00 Group C and D Tiebreakers


The playoffs:


Saturday, November 25 — 13:00 CET

Sunday, November 26 — 13:00 CET


The prize pool:


$300 to each player for the participation

$300 to each player for getting to the playoffs

$1000 to each player of the country that wins the tournament