Mid-Season Brawl returns to DreamHack Summer


Fnatic achieved victory against Dignitas on their own territory at Mid-Season Brawl last year. The final series lasted until the late night. Mid-Season Brawl again returns to Sweden at DreamHack Summer with the prize pool in the sum of $250,000. The top two teams from HGC North America, the top two teams from HGC China and the top three teams from HGC Europe, the top three teams from Korea, the winners of all Intercontinental Clash (among countries of Latin America and Australia/New Zealand) and Horizon Clash (among Taiwan and Southeast Asia). The teams from Europe and Korea were honored with additional slots due to their victories in Western Clash and Eastern Clash this spring.

The venue: Stockholm for the group stage, Jönköping (DreamHack Summer) for the playoffs.

The dates: the group stage on June 9-13, the playoffs on June 16-18.

The prize pool: $250,000