Discounts: A weekly collection: December 20 — January 2

Discounts: A weekly collection: December 20 — January 2

The sale of heroes:

A discount is given for these heroes: 50% from their regular price in crystals.

Garrosh 375 crystals

Samuro 375 crystals

Stukov 375 crystals

Kel'tas 312 crystals

Li-Ming 312 crystals

Our choice

This week, we recommend a few skins and mounts: during a limited time, you will be able to buy them for crystals.


Sunset Ana

Blackrock Garrosh

Sovereign Kael'thas

Neon Dragon Genji

Lil-Ming Timewalker Chromie

Floral Champion Lunara

Cold Warchief Sylvanas

Felblade Samuro

Jungle Novazon

Knight Owl Medivh

Crypt King Tassadar

Violet Flying Monkey Brightwing

Vice Admiral Krakenov

Draenor Hellhammer Thrall

Buccaneer Falstad

Horde Mad Axe Garrosh

First Ascendant Li-Ming


Tan Saddled Battle Beast

Red Horse

Magical Star Chariot

Dominion Marshal's Outrider

Toxic Demonic Hellsteed