Atlético de Madrid and SD Huesca win the 2022 eLaLiga regular season

The eLaLiga 2022 regular season has come to an end. As part of the championship, which was held from February 1 to April 20 on the PlayStation 5 platform, 38 representatives of Spanish clubs fought for sixteen tickets to the final stage of the event. The winners of the eLaLiga 2022 regular season are Atlético de Madrid and SD Huesca, who finished top of Groups A and B, respectively.

Atlético de Madrid won the Group A championship with 44 points in the regular season, winning 14 games, drawing twice and losing twice.

Group B was won by SD Huesca, who finished the regular season with 34 points. At the same time, Chousita and Angelito have ten wins, four draws and four defeats.

Results of eLaLiga 2022 - Regular Season