Rumor: eUnited may team up with OpTic Gaming

North American esports organization eUnited has proposed a merger with OpTic Gaming, as evidenced by documents obtained by Dexerto.

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez plans to fully acquire OpTic Chicago. As the documents show, he intends to buy out a stake from NRG Esports and receive all rights to the OpTic Chicago team in the Call of Duty franchise league. To this end, Rodriguez is looking for financial partners to help close the deal. EUnited was considered one such partner.

The document described the possible merger of the eUnited and OpTic Gaming brands as a "unique investment opportunity". It is assumed that the organizations could have one owner, under whose leadership they began to develop the OpTic brand. In doing so, eUnited had to take over control of back-office operations, as well as provide administrative support to the partner.

Following the merger of eUnited and OpTic Gaming, the overall brand is expected to grow in four areas: competition (franchise leagues, student esports), content (streams, podcasts, digital agency), commerce (subscription services, gambling and merchandise), and community (fan engagement initiatives).

It is currently unknown if OpTic Gaming and OpTic Chicago will be merged under the ownership of H3CZ, and if so, who will financially contribute to making this a reality.