Red Bull strengthens its esports ties

The leadership of the esports organization Team Spirit announced that it will now cooperate with Red Bull. As part of the new partnership, the creation of new content is conceived that will help promote both the Team Spirit brand and Red Bull. In addition, Spirit has pledged to participate in various projects and events from the energy drink manufacturer.

Team Spirit brand director Konstantin Machaidze comments:

“The partnership with Red Bull is another big step forward for Team Spirit. I am confident that Red Bull will bring its unique experience, energy and diversity to the team's activity, and will also help our athletes always show their maximum. We are very proud of this step and look forward to implementation of joint projects ".

Previously, esports organizations such as OG, G2 Esports, Cloud9, T1 and even ENCE signed partnership contracts with Red Bull. Red Bull is set to host two Dota 2 and CS: GO esports championships called Red Bull River Runes and Red Bull Flick, respectively.