Cybersport Certification Institute Ceases to Work

Just a few days after the official announcement of the launch of the campaign and its certification program, the Institute of eSports (ECI) has announced that it will terminate its activities and return the money to all those who have already paid for the training and certification.

As a reminder, the program was aimed at setting the industry standard for esports expertise, as well as enhancing a person's ability to get a qualifying job through an ECI certification.

The change in plans was a direct result of widespread criticism of the program from the esports industry and the community at large.

In a post on social media, ECI co-founder Ryan Friedman explained why the company is reconsidering its plans:

We appreciate the feedback from the community and we have made the decision to close the ECI certification. While I still strongly believe that esports can benefit from an improved recruitment process, what we suggested was clearly not the right development option.

Interestingly, the Esports Certification Institute is winding down just a day after the official launch of the certification program.