Pittsburgh Knights and PNC Bank extend sponsorship agreement until 2024

The Pittsburgh Knights, an esports organization affiliated with the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers franchise, and PNC Bank have announced they have extended their sponsorship agreement until 2024.

PNC Bank will remain the Knights Nation's preferred partner, and both sides will continue to build activations around diversity in games. Last year, both organizations launched an initiative called "Women in Esports Steering Committee", which included a series of virtual round tables.

The deal expands the partnership between the esports organization and Pennsylvania's largest bank, which partnered with it last year to help address gender inequality in gaming.

The next phase of partnership with the brand will include a platform where professionals can share experiences, successes and ideas to help break down barriers and level the playing field for women, while emphasizing the benefits of diversity.

Last year, the initiative attracted experts such as Anupama Jain, director of the Pittsburgh Commission on Gender Equality, Sonia Roof, Pittsburgh Steelers athletic coach, and Air Powers, Minnesota Lynx professional basketball player.