NaVi is second and Gambit is third at ALGS Winter Circuit Playoff - EMEA

The winter competition cycle in Apex Legends came to its logical conclusion yesterday. As part of the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs, 20 teams played, and this is what the final table looks like

Seat Allocation at ALGS Winter Circuit Playoff - EMEA

  1. FotM
  2. NaVi
  3. Gambit
  4. NEW Esports
  5. Nessy
  6. 789
  8. NCD
  9. Totem
  10. 303
  11. Top Dogs
  12. FB
  13. Alliance
  14. T1
  15. Australis
  16. Camels
  17. Forg gang
  18. Magicians
  19. K1CK
  20. SZ.EU

The Europeans from FotM got a pretty confident victory, who earned $ 48,000 and a ticket to the 2021 World Championship. All the teams that got into the TOP-10 also got a slot at the World Cup 21 in Apex Legends.

The Main Event of the Year at Apex Legends for EMEA runs from June 1-12 this year. The tournament will compete for $ 267,900 and the title of the best team in the EMEA region.