Team Endpoint expands partnership with CeX

UK-based Team Endpoint has expanded its partnership with used goods retailer CeX and has appointed key executives to its board of directors.

Hugh Man and Frank Orchard, chairman and franchise director of CeX, respectively, have joined the Team Endpoint Board of Directors in non-executive roles as part of a cost-sharing agreement. The exact financial details were not disclosed, but the organization confirmed that this is a "seven-digit" figure.

According to a press release, the partnership will provide Endpoint with the financial security it needs to support its full-time staff and set up a headquarters in Sheffield. In addition, Endpoint said the appointment of Man & Orchard is expected to enable the organization to "take the brand to the global stage." The new agreement is designed for at least five years.

Note that in January 2020, when the partnership of the parties was first announced, a large-scale event was planned in CeX stores across the UK to inform people about the need for modern technology when playing games.

The pandemic changed many of these plans, but both brands collaborated in other ways and participated in a number of activations. Recall that the Team Endpoint organization is represented in two disciplines - CS: GO and Rocket League.