Nations Ventures invests in the Obsesh sports market

Nations Ventures, a venture capital fund controlled by We Are Nations, has made a "strategic investment" in the Obsesh platform and sports market.

The Obsesh platform allows fans to connect with athletes and personalities in sports as well as esports and gaming. Some of the activations available include getting advice from professional athletes, teaching a range of skills, and providing training advice.

According to the press release, Nations Ventures' investments are expected to go towards product development, market launch and athlete acquisitions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the venture capital fund said it was a cash investment.

Obsesh is co-founded by Tracy Benson, formerly of Home Depot, Best Buy and Monster, and Jonalyn Morris, who has led marketing strategies, ambassador programs and sponsorships for companies such as Beats by Dre, Loot Crate and Sony.

Some of the athletes available on the platform include two-time triathlon world champion Siri Lindley, freestyle snowboarder Erica Vikander and professional surfer Anthony Walsh. Note that at the present time there were no esportsmen on the platform.