Gamelanders Final Level owner begins international expansion

After raising $ 1.58 million in February Final Level, Brazilian platform Gamelanders announced an international expansion. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the British company 1st11, which operates in England, Argentina, Canada and Italy and is one of the Final Level investors.

Final Level is now selling overseas, offering content based on the gaming lifestyle that has amassed over 5 million YouTube subscribers in Brazil, 21 million Instagram followers, and deals with brands such as Coca-Cola and Subway. The company supplies a detailed guide that comes with local branding rights. This is similar to what Dutch company Endemol is doing with their reality TV products like Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.

The first confirmed country to receive its own final level version was Spain through producer Xanela Producciones, which is already casting participants for the show. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has yet to be confirmed when the project will air, although it is forecast for the second half of 2021. Financial details of the acquisition of Xanela Producciones were not disclosed.

Regarding the Final Level esports project called Gamelanders, Platform Owner Fernanda Lobao said international expansion could lead to new teams in disciplines other than VALORANT.

Since its inception, Final Level has stated that its goal is to become the largest gaming community in the world. The beginning of an international expansion based on the export of platform and expertise can be a significant step towards this goal. Final Level is owned by several investors, with the majority of its shares held by GO4IT Capital Group.