Riot Games' third-party investigation found no wrongdoing by CEO Nicolo Laurent

Riot Games has released the results of its third-party investigation, which includes a "special committee statement of its findings, a company statement" and an internal letter that CEO Nicolo Laurent sent to all Riot employees.

As a result of the investigation, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent was cleared of any wrongdoing by the company after a third-party investigation of allegations of sexual harassment was brought against the Riot CEO in a lawsuit filed by a former Riot employee.

According to the Washington Post, news of the investigation and its results was relayed to Riot employees, followed by an email from Laurent himself.

Laurent came under fire around January 7 after Sharon O'Donnell filed a lawsuit alleging that Laurent created a hostile work environment and based O'Donnell's working conditions on a sexual relationship with Laurent.

The results of the investigation follow news that Alienware's Dell brand will no longer sponsor riot-related events. However, the story is still developing in anticipation of its logical conclusion.