Project X has decided to end its existence

The Ukrainian esports organization Project X decided to cease to exist, disbanding its rostersin the disciplines CS: GO and VALORANT.

"Today we have sad news, the Project X Organization will cease to exist❗️Thanks everyone for your support and interest! We hope that you will continue to follow the players, regardless of which roster and organization they will be in next," wrote the representatives of the organization on Twitter.

According to the former CS: GO player, the main reason was the unstable results. Most likely, this also applies to the VALORANT lineup.

During its existence, the CS: GO team managed to win several championships, including the Binance Super Cup 2020, AOC & Western Digital Winter Clash 2019 and ROG Winter Cup 2020. The team's best achievement was the 43rd line in the world rankings from HLTV.

As for the VALORANT roster, the team that appeared in early February failed at the recent VALORANT Champions Tour CIS Stage 1: Challengers 2, missing the main stage of the championship.