ESL and Network Next Announce Partnership

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on esports. More than a year has passed since the last LAN tournaments took place. However, professional players often suffer from network connectivity issues during official matches.

To remedy this problem to some extent, ESL's leading tournament organizer has teamed up with networking company Network Next. The collaboration will focus on developing a network around tournaments to help players focus on the match itself. It is expected that the interaction of the parties will be focused exclusively on the championships hosted by ESL.

Network Next is a company that offers premium network services such as minimal packet loss and reduced latency. Such opportunities are made possible by their aggressive optimization of the network infrastructure, which is extremely beneficial for esports players suffering from connection problems.

The first championship dedicated to the new partnership is ESL Pro League Season 13. Little by little, the organizers will move on to integrating network objects into other games as soon as it passes all ESL tests.