Complexity Gaming enters into an agreement with Dairy MAX

North American esports organization Complexity Gaming has announced a partnership with Dairy MAX, America's regional dairy supplier.

This deal names Dairy MAX as Complexity's Official Nutritional Partner. Both organizations are starting educational collaborations to demonstrate the importance of developing healthy habits while promoting overall well-being.

As part of the partnership, Complexity and Dairy MAX will release a five-part educational cooking series called Cooking with Complexity, where players and influencers learn to cook healthy meals.

According to the release, the partnership will also seek to focus on optimizing player performance and extending career lengths through proper nutrition.

The two companies will work together to provide guidance on how to lead healthy, performance-oriented lifestyles in esports. In addition, Dairy MAX's nutritional resources and guides will provide players in the organization with an understanding of the effects of nutrition on the brain and body.

Complexity's partnership with Dairy MAX builds on the organization's already existing commitment to focus on the mental and physical health of players. As the sister team of the HFL Dallas Cowboys franchise, Complexity has access to the team's equipment, which includes the same meals prepared for professional American football players, plus a gym.