esports video platform launched

Vancouver-based esports video platform has officially launched to the public following a successful beta testing phase. allows professional gamers, peers, and coaches to record game footage and then share, analyze and comment on demos on a single platform. The public beta of the site for 2019-2020 attracted over 30,000 users, including "thousands" of professional, semi-professional and collegiate teams.

Along with its official launch, the Insights platform will integrate major updates to UI/UX and send notifications to alert teams of key changes. Regular users will also be able to record game footage for up to 10 hours.

The latest platform updates were made in December along with the new Windows Insights Capture app. This app is a game recorder that automatically detects the highlights of games across 13 esports disciplines. Since launching the app, reports that the daily active user base has organically doubled every month.

The company has now raised over $ 1 million from esports investors and will open its next investment round in fall 2021.