Team Liquid disbanded the lineup after Clash Royale

The Dutch esports organization Team Liquid has decided to disband its roster on the mobile game Clash Royale. This decision is due to the change in the format of the Clash Royale League - the main championship of the discipline. Note that information about Team Liquid's departure from Clash Royale appeared on the organization's official Twitter.

Earlier in the discipline, the organization was represented by four e-sportsmen and a coach. Now the head coach and one of the players have left the team, while two more have changed their occupation, becoming producers of content for the organization, and only one of the players will continue to perform at a professional level, going in search of a new team.

Recall that in 2021, the format of the Clash Royale League has undergone significant changes. In the new season, the league has abandoned the team competition, and now the tournament is purely individual.

According to the organization, the leadership of Team Liquid believes that the format change deprives the participants of a number of benefits. At the same time, representatives of the organization noted that they retain their faith in Clash Royale as an esports discipline.