Esports events in the coming week (August 17-23)


ESL One Cologne 2020 Online

(August 18-30)

Matches in Europe and North America begin on 18 August. There will be a prize pool of $ 325,000 and $ 135,000, respectively. In Oceania and Asia, the competition will start on the 25th and $ 20,000 will be distributed among the participants in both divisions.


Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 8

(August 20-24)

In the eighth week of Eden Arena Malta Vibes, everything will happen the same as it did in the previous seven weeks. Sixteen teams will compete against each other for the top cash prize of $ 25,000. The teams will be divided into four groups, from where the two best teams will go to the playoffs. The division of the $ 40,000 will be taken up by the top-4 squads. 3-4 places will receive $ 2,500 each, the vice-champion will take $ 10,000 for himself, and the winner, as mentioned earlier, will receive the main prize in the form of $ 25,000.

Dota 2

OMEGA League

(Aug. Sept)

In the Asian Divine Division, the playoffs have already begun. As a result, Reality Rift and Demonster left the competition. In America, the confrontation will begin today, and the beginning of the European Immortal League was laid on August 14. There, by the way, $ 500,000 will be drawn, which is a record among all online tournaments.


League of legends

Summer Split 2020

(June 5 - September)

The League of Legends Summer Split matches continue. Each league offers invitations to the 2020 Worlds Championship, and many major leagues also offer cash prizes.