SKADE partners with Kvarøy Arctic and Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian esports organization SKADE has announced partnerships with Kvarøy Arctic and the Norwegian Seafood Council to launch a marketing campaign. The parties will reportedly work together on a campaign aimed at "increasing the exposure of Norwegian salmon to hard-to-reach consumer segments."

Jan Alexander Enoksen, Marketing Manager at Norwegian Seafood Council: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Kvarøy Arctic and SKADE to promote Norwegian seafood under the Seafood from Norway brand to hard-to-reach consumers by providing co-funding through our joint marketing campaign."

SKADE will be tasked with introducing the "Seafood from Norway" brand to esports and gaming audiences through a series of activations. In return, the Norwegian Seafood Council will co-finance the campaign as a representative of the Norwegian seafood industry.

Morten Skaland, SKADE CEO: "The involvement of Kvarøy Arctic and Norwegian Seafood Council in our esports journey is an amazing milestone for us. This move shows that non-endemic brands such as our partners in the seafood industry can find value in accessing and impacting gamers and esports fans.

It is reported that the cooperation will last until the end of this year. At the same time, the parties did not disclose specific financial details, as well as promotions as part of the marketing campaign.