Evil Geniuses opens its own content creation studio

North American esports organization Evil Geniuses has unveiled a new dedicated content creation studio. The studio will be led by John Young, the organization's vice president of operations and studios, who joined after a two-year stint at Banner Studios.

The studio's opening comes as the North American organization prioritizes the expansion of its content creator team, which offers a variety of genres ranging from fighting games to comedians. The studio will reportedly be used to "create compelling content" revolving around its creators.

John Yung, Evil Geniuses Vice President of Operations and Studio: "Evil Geniuses is taking a different approach to its content creation program by actively recruiting people from a variety of backgrounds who offer unique perspectives and compelling stories to share with the community. With the launch of a new studio To create Evil Geniuses content, our content creators will now have even more opportunities to share their inspiring stories by accessing more resources and tools, including collaboration with our creatives and partners."

The new studio has already hosted a number of projects, including a new documentary titled EG Files that explores the organization's roster from the League Championship Series (LCS), as well as a video featuring the organization's CEO, Nicole Lapointe Jameson.