Sony Xperia Becomes PUBG Mobile Esports Partner

Developer PUBG Corporation has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with multinational conglomerate Sony. As part of the collaboration, the Sony Xperia line of smartphones will become an esports partner for PUBG Mobile.

James Young, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports: "The player experience is always a top priority for the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem, so it was natural and confident to partner with Sony Xperia. We look forward to our players demonstrating even better performance with their flagship Xperia Series at our World Tournaments this year."

The brand's smartphones will be delivered to players and teams, while Sony Xperia will become the official partner of PUBG Mobile worldwide tournaments. The company did not share details about the phone models that will be used for PUBG tournaments.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi, Senior General Manager at Mobile Communications Business Group - Sony Corporation: "I'm honored to be a part of PUBG Mobile's global events in 2022 and provide Xperia models for gamers. Xperia was designed to allow gamers to perform at their best, and we look forward to more competition in PUBG Mobile."

As a reminder, the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem has undergone a number of changes in 2022, including a redesigned PUBG MOBILE Pro League, new regions in the PUBG Mobile Club Open, and changes to the PUBG Mobile National Championship. The changes are expected to help small teams enter the top divisions, as well as make the Pro League more competitive.