Lyngby Vikings rebrands

Danish esports organization Lyngby Vikings has rebranded. As a result of the changes, all members of the organization will act under the name ECSTATIC.

Jeppe Taggatz Jensen, CEO of ECSTATIC:"We are rebranding the team and organization because the old name is misleading. As some of you probably know, the Lyngby Vikings name and logo were created in partnership with the Danish football club Lyngby, which we also represent in the Danish FIFA eSuperliga. The CS: GO team really has nothing to do with a football club other than a close relationship through mutual partners. We just used the name "Lyngby Vikings" to get our CS: GO team national recognition level when we first started - now the football club is gaining recognition thanks to our esports teams. We want to make it clear that they do not own anything from our organization and never did, despite what the media say. We cannot wait to show you everything. what we've planned is we're going to change the game. "

The organization said that nothing will change except the brand and logo, as well as media activities. All rosters will continue to work with their previous partners, which include Gamers Elite, J. Jensen, HD Lab and Advokatgruppen.