VP.Prodigy leaves Wild Rift

The Russian esports organization Virtus.pro has announced the closure of the Wild Rift division. The club announced that the VP.Prodigy team will no longer play in competitions, since Riot Games banned the roster from playing even under a neutral status.

Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends: Wild Rift, has informed us that they have terminated their partnership with Virtus.pro, banning players from playing even under a neutral tag during their contracts with the club.

Riot Games connects its position with sanctions from the US and the EU. As we have repeatedly stated and documented, Virtus.pro is not an organization under sanctions. However, we were faced with the fact that VP players would lose access to the professional scene of LoL: Wild Rift and, as a result, the opportunity to develop and win.

In this regard, we have made the decision to terminate the contracts with the players in order not to destroy their careers due to Riot Games policy. We wish the guys good luck and hope that in the future their only obstacle to success will be only healthy sports competition.

We also wish Riot Games success in growing their presence in the CIS region, which they have put so much effort into in recent years!

Recall that earlier the organizers canceled the EMEA Championship 2022 Season 1 - CIS. The VP.Prodigy team also competed at the championship.

The Virtus.pro club signed the Wild Rift roster at the beginning of 2022. During its history, the team has played two matches, one of which ended in a victory over eQuinOx (2:1).

VP.Prodigy's latest Wild Rift roster is as follows: