Natus Vincere Wild Rift roster disqualified from European league

Riot Games issued an official appeal in which it disqualified Natus Vincere 's Wild Rift roster from the European league. According to the studio, the team's playing coach made a replacement by transferring access to his account to a third party, which is expressly prohibited by the rules of the competition.


Natus Vincere was suspended from further participation in the WREC Last Chance due to violating the rules for using substitutions. The organizers of the tournament were made aware of suspicious activity regarding the account of Ospreay, NAVI's coach and reserve player, during their game against ViV Esport. The use of substitutions in this manner is prohibited by both Riot Games and the rules of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Global Competition Policy.


Natus Vincere violated clause 8.2.7 of the Global Competition Policy for League of Legends: Wild Rift in the context of using substitutions. Consequently, Natus Vincere will not be able to continue their participation in the WREC Last Chance qualifier. This will lead to the departure of NAVI from the tournament as a whole. In addition, players will receive a three-month suspension from any official Wild Rift tournaments, while Ospreay will receive a six-month ban.

Recall that Natus Vincere took part in the EMEA Championship 2022 Season 1 - Europe. According to its results, the team lost to ViV Esport (1:2) and took 5-6th place, getting into WREC Last Chance.

Natus Vincere's League of Legends: Wild Rift roster is as follows: