Wild Rift Origin Series 2021 Finals: Team Queso First Grand Finalist

The first semi-final match of the Wild Rift Origin Series 2021 Finals has come to an end. Team Queso faced off against their opponents Game-Lord in a tough battle. The first two cards immediately took Queso, and their duration was 18 and 17 minutes. The third map became a turning point, as it changed the course of events. It lasted 20 minutes and ended in victory for Game-Lord. The latter managed to equalize the score after the fourth map, which, by the way, ended in 16 minutes. Queso made a counter-comeback and took the fifth map in 18 minutes and became the winners of the semi-finals within the Wild Rift Origin Series 2021 Finals, securing their advance to the grand final.

Game-Lord took 3-4 place in the standings and received € 15,000 as a reward. Team Queso, in turn, secured the top 2 and earned at least € 32,000. If they win the championship, the team will receive € 84,000.

Earlier, Natus Vincere left the championship, taking € 7,500 in the standings. CUT Esports were going to take part in the championship, however, due to visa problems, they could not fly to Stockholm and fight their opponents.

In the final, Team Queso will face the winner of the second semi-final match. The latter will feature Unicorns of Love and Rix.GG. The losing participant of the meeting will take 3-4 place in the standings and, like the Game-Lord, will earn € 15,000.