Entropiq announces farewell to roster

Entropiq has decided to disband its international VALORANT roster. The organization is expected to announce a new roster in the near future.

"Since the common goals that we set at the beginning were not achieved, we mutually agreed to end cooperation. We thank all the players for the excellent presentation of the organization and wish them success in the future," theorganization wrote.

The roster was first introduced in February 2021. Already in the first for itself VERSUS LEGENDS # 2, the team took the second place, losing in the HSDIRR grand final with a score of 1: 2. However, after Entropiq failed several times as part of the qualifying process for VCT 2021: Europe Stage Challengers, taking only 5th-8th place in qualification at most.

For a while, the team went into the shadows until it appeared in April as part of the Breeze Valorant Showmatch. As a result, the team lost to Vitality with a score of 1: 2, again having many reasons for discussion. The last tournament for Entropiq was qualification for the VALORANT Open Tour: France, where the team again flew past the main championship, losing to Vitality.

Entropiq's latest roster looks like this: