Renegades parted ways with CP2

Renegades has decided to part ways with CP2. Recall that the American player was the founder of the original squad.

CP2 entered the professional VALORANT scene back in April last year, playing for various little-known bands. However, a few weeks later, he joined Prospects, with which he won several events before becoming part of the Big Frames. With the new team, CP2 continued to conquer the developing scene, consistently getting into the TOP-4 at the TIER-3 level tournaments.

After a series of successful tournaments, the Big Frames, along with CP2, were recruited by the Renegades organization. Under the new tag, the American took second place at Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly August and Cloud9 To The Skyes, and also performed as part of First Strike North America, finishing in 5th-8th place.

However, the new season for the team turned out to be a failure. After a series of failures at the VCT 2021 series tournaments, the team decided to revise their development strategy, gradually lowering the bar. As a result, together with the CP2 team, he managed to win NSG: Summer Championship - Monthly April and NSG: Summer Championship - Open 6, before failing at another NSG tournament.

From now on, the composition of Renegades is as follows: