Rumor: Fizzy will become an OG player

According to the portal, Fizzy can become an OG player. It is noted that the Portuguese player has been training for some time with the team, which announced a couple of days ago that they were leaving aKm, elllement and OniBy.

Fizzy first appeared on the professional scene at the end of December last year, performing locally. Note that he became part of FTW, then taking the place of Turlin Nole. Together with Fizzy, the team managed to break into the TOP-40 of the European rating, simultaneously taking first place in the Circuito Tormenta: Challenge # 1. However, the Portuguese is no stranger to the European scene either, as he has had experience playing for teams such as SkrrrTeam and 123TAP.

Interestingly, the names of the remaining OG rookies remain a mystery. Some time ago there were rumors that ISSAA was preparing to move from CS: GO to VALORANT, remaining on a contract with the organization. However, these rumors were later denied. In any case, the team should share the news regarding their roster, since a new segment of the season will start very soon.

The possible composition of the OG team is as follows: