BIG steel stamp EURAT Valorant Vanquisher Series

The EURAT Valorant Vanquisher Series has come to an end. In the championship, which was played on May 9, eight European teams competed for € 2,500. The winner of the tournament was the team BIG, which in the grand final was stronger than Wave Esports with a score of 2: 1 (Bind - 13: 9, Split - 9:13, Icebox - 13:10)

Interestingly, the championship started very exciting for BIG, as the team got into trouble with alltheRAGE. However, the German team managed to snatch victory with a score of 2: 1 and reached the semifinals. It was a little easier for the team here, since Illuminar Gaming had practically no resistance on two maps.

Wave Esports also started the championship with a tough win over eSuba (2: 1). But, as in the case of BIG, the team won a landslide victory over MackoEsports in the semifinals (2: 0).

Results of EURAT Valorant Vanquisher Series