Dignitas decided to disband the lineup

The North American organization Dignitas decided to disband the male lineup. It is noted that the main reasons are poor performances and overpriced salaries.

"Dignitas decided to leave VALORANT for a while. It was an unfortunate coincidence, starting from the very formation of this lineup. I will take a short break and then explore the options available. We will participate in the Champions Tour as a mix," wrote dephh.

The original Dignitas line-up got together in August last year. Since then, the team did not disdain to change players, citing unsatisfactory results. However, the situation did not change for a long time, since Dignitas could not stand on a par with the strongest teams in the region. During this period, the team performed at several large tournaments, remembering only for silver in the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas. Already in the new season, the team failed to qualify twice for VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers. The last straw was the defeat in the 1/16 finals of Nerd Street Gamers: 2021 Monthly March.

Dignitas' latest roster looks like this: