ISSAA is considering the possibility of moving from CS: GO to VALORANT, which he shared on his blog on Twitter. In his address, the player said that his contractual obligations with OG are coming to an end, stressing that he is thinking about continuing his career.

Hello, as most of you already know, our relationship with OG has come to an end, as I am no longer part of the active roster, I think it was the best choice for both of us.

I am really grateful to OG and the players for being professionals in this situation, and for all the memories we went through together, I am happy with what we have achieved in this 1 year, when our biggest achievement was reaching the TOP 6 of HLTV - and play in multiple finals!

As for me, I felt like I could have played much better, but I couldn't have the space/style of play that I had in HR, although we gave everything and kept trying to fix everything. I am looking forward and want to improve. and with the right team I am ready to give my all and strive for the trophies!

As for the future, I'm not sure yet. I am still under contract with OG and am currently open to suggestions. I would also probably be interested in discussing the transition to VALORANT, depending on what happens in the future and what opportunities are presented.

Note that the Jordanian player has played for OG since December 2019. During this time, ISSAA reached two finals at IEM New York 2020 and FLASHPOINT 2.