hussaR left HEET

The Bulgarian collective HEET announced the separation from hussaR. The 24-year-old is currently playing for the Horizon Reapers.

After the reorganization of Need more DM into HEET at the end of January, the Bulgarian team did not qualify twice for VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers. However, a few days ago, the team won the Stay & Play Gamer Cup # 3, although by then they had already parted ways with their main player.

hussaR joined need more DM last August. The Hungarian player has won several tournaments with the team, including the Stay & Play Gamer Cup and Magyar Esport Kupa. In January of this year, he, like the rest of the team, formed the HEET organization, which was intended to replace Need more DM. However, the team did not achieve any special achievements, which became the reason for the reshuffles.

From now on, HEET's roster looks like this: