Counter Logic Gaming founded a female roster

The North American organization Counter Logic Gaming has announced the founding of the all-female VALORANT roster. It is noted that the lineup will perform under the separate tag CLG Red, which was first born in 2015.

The organization has confirmed that bENITA will be the first player and captain of the roster. The 28-year-old American was part of the CLG Red CS: GO roster, having won eight major championships with the team, including Arbalet Ukraine 2010 Women, WESG 2018 Female - USA and World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Female.

Note that since June last year, bENITA has been contracted by the organization as a streamer.

Counter Logic Gaming added that it will share the rest of the new team's players in the next few days.

CLG is the latest team to announce their entry into VALORANT with an all-female team. Cloud9, Godsent, Dignitas Fe and many more entered the new esports scene with women's teams, while Evil Geniuses announced a mixed roster back in January.

In response to the growing number of women's teams, Riot Games announced the VCT Game Changers, which is an all-women tournament series.