VALORANT earned more CS: GO in January 2021

For the first time since its launch in June 2020, VALORANT has become the highest grossing FPS title on the PC platform, beating CSGO and Fortnite.

According to a Superdata report, VALORANT's total profit in January rose 39% from the previous month. The number of players also increased by 29%, of which 72% entered the game more than once.

It is likely that the main reasons for this growth were low system requirements, easy-to-understand mechanics, and a relatively low barrier to entry compared to direct competitors.

The most profitable discipline in January was Dungeon Fighter Online. VALORANT is on the sixth line, while CS: GO is one line below.

Note that a few days ago, the developers presented - Astra. She can manipulate space and time. Astra's skills allow you to activate a variety of control effects of stars located in advance on the map. The character is able to stun and weaken opponents, as well as block their vision.