Rumor: Happy will leave the Giants

According to rumors, the Giants will part ways with Happy. According to a NeL insider, Fit1nho is a prime candidate for the team's fifth player position.

"The information that I received, but cannot confirm in the article, is that this is a decision of the organization/general manager, but not the team. Apparently they need a Spanish player, and Happy has the highest salary. I think everything is so just. Honestly, I don't understand this step, "adds the insider.

The French player joined Giants Gaming in mid-January. Recall that the organization decided to return to the scene by signing the Orgless team. For a month in the camp of the Giants, the Frenchman failed to establish himself, only bringing problems to the organization with his high wages. At the same time, the team itself was unable to qualify for VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Challengers 1, losing to fnatic (0: 2).

Fit1nho, who left 19esports a few days ago, is expected to join the Giants roster.

If the rumors turn out to be true, the Giants lineup will look like this: