JESMUND has officially joined HSDIRR as the fifth member of the collective. Note that a week ago HSDIRR announced that it had parted ways with lyNxi, citing the poor performance of the team led by the captain.

JESMUND started his journey to VALORANT back in April last year, becoming part of the 2G4L team. Together with the team, the Finnish player took third place in the Valhalla Invitational - Week 3, and also took second place twice at Gdolph EU Showdown # 1 and Fnatic Proving Grounds. After JESMUND he joined Mattistack, with which he won VALORANT Academy - Europe: Open Series Week 5 and VALORANT Academy - Europe: Closed Series Week 5.

The next step in the Finn's career was the nolpenki team. Together with the JESMUND team, he won the TOURSTAT Summer Clash, Valorant Challenge 2, and also qualified for First Strike Europe. However, in December the team ceased to exist, with the result that JESMUND became a free agent.

From now on, the composition of HSDIRR is as follows: