Riot unveils new font for VALORANT

Riot Games never ceases to be creative and delight the community of their projects. This time, they, in collaboration with a Russian calligraphy artist, presented a new font for Valorant.

Artist comment:

“Traveling the world and making sense of global cultures, I convey my knowledge and experience through the prism of calligraphic writing.

G Ӆ Ѻ ƃ Å LI Ʒ Å Џ I (name of the font) - the path to common knowledge through transit forms of writing, integrated by the calligraphy of the future into the world through the prism of art.

VALORANT is a great example of integrating different identities, peoples, countries and cultures within one game world, and that's why my first typeset appears in this universe. "

Also, Pokras Lampas is holding a competition in his Vkontakte group, the winners of which will receive in-game currency, posters, cards, posters and "Medals". Moreover, those who collect all the medals will go to the "secret" stage of the competition, the prize of which remains a mystery.