Valorant has a new mode

Riot continues to develop their fresh game. This time the company announced the addition of a deathmatch mode to the game.

In the "every man for himself" mode, 10 players take part. During the match, players will not be able to use the abilities of the characters, including ultimate skills and tactical skills. The winner will be the player who scores 30 kills first, or is the best after 6 minutes.

At the start of the match, all players receive a full supply of armor and an endless supply of credits to buy any weapon. Like CSGO, respawn after death will take 3 seconds. After resurrection, for 8 seconds, the agent will be invulnerable until he moves or fires a shot.

The new mode will appear in VALORANT from the start of the second act. Together with the mode, a new character, the hacker Killjoy, will be added to the game. The innovations will be added tomorrow, August 5.