Zero Tenacity signed esportsmen from ownage

On a Twitter account and in other media, representatives of the Zero Tenacity esports club announced the signing of a Valorant roster. The eyes of the management fell on the players from ownage. The team was founded on May 3 last year and all this time has been performing at various events without the support of eSports organizations.

The entire roster is made up of Poles, with Jasek 'jas' Niielwodzki, Jakub 'Ayke' Smoczynski, Jakub 'qxv' Sawicki, Arek 'xiTsha' Nowak and Szymon 'kenobi' Labedzki defending the honor of Zero Tenacity.

Zero Tenacity is a multi-gaming esports organization based in Serbia. Z10's assets include CS:GO and League of Legends rosters. Now the Valorant division will also appear in the list of available disciplines.

For 14 months of playing without organization, ownage esportsmen managed to take part in many championships, mainly in the second tier. They have victories in such tournaments as VALORANT East United Stage 1 Season Final ($5,000), BeChampions Tour BeChallengers #1 ($2,773) and others. On March 21 this year, the last changes in the roster took place. Then Kamil 'mermi' Lizinchik left the band, and Arek 'xiTsha' Novak and Szymon 'kenobi' Lyabedzki took his place. By the way, Jasek 'jas' Nielwodzki is the only member of the team who has remained in the roster since the very moment the team was founded.

Now Zero Tenacity's Valorant roster looks like this: