H1ber should be part of the updated Team Vitality roster

According to several insiders, H1ber should be part of the updated Team Vitality roster. With this transfer, the French organization will complete its VALORANT roster, thus preparing for the start of the summer season.

H1ber started the new season with KOI, together with which he took 3rd-4th place in VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1. After the end of the spring split, the Finnish player moved on loan to Fnatic. Together with the new club, H1ber took part in the VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters - Reykjavík, finishing last after two defeats in the group stage.

Recall that last week the French eSports organization Team Vitality announced the parting with the composition of the VALORANT discipline. The club plans to build a new five around ceNder, as well as Tanizhq, who became the head coach of the team a few weeks ago.

Team Vitality is rumored to be planning to sign BONECOLD, baddyG and DeepMans. At the same time, H1ber must complete the process of creating a new team that will play in one of the VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 divisions.

Team Vitality's current VALORANT roster is as follows: